Adapting to Changing Markets

DV leverages its experienced team, technology and culture to capitalize on ever-changing markets.

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Meet our Founders

Dino Verbrugge

In 2006, Dino Verbrugge co-founded DV Trading as a proprietary trading division of a US based futures commission merchant. Together with co-founder Jared Vegosen, he has since overseen the operations and expansion of the firm and its affiliates. Today DV Trading and its affiliates have over 500 traders and staff in offices around the globe. Verbrugge has also led the growth and development of DVX Capital Markets Ltd., which owns Independent Trading Group (ITG), Inc., an IIROC registered brokerage firm based in Toronto, Ontario; DV Chain, LLC, an institutional cryptocurrency market maker and liquidity provider; and Newton Crypto, a retail focused crypto trading platform registered with the Ontario Securities Commission in Canada.


Jared Vegosen

Since co-founding DV Trading with Dino Verbrugge, Jared Vegosen has led the growth and development of its US operations from its headquarters in Chicago. After facilitating the spin-out of DV Trading under DV Group, LLC in 2016, Vegosen oversaw the establishment and expansion of DV Securities, LLC, an SEC registered broker dealer and member of the Fixed Income Clearing Corporation; DV Equities, LLC, an equities-focused proprietary trading firm registered as a broker dealer with the SEC; and other affiliated trading firms. With Verbrugge, Vegosen has also co-founded several US based private investment fund management firms, including DV Investment Management, LLC and DV Fund Management, LLC.

Meet The Team

Richard Horgan

Chief Financial Officer

Rich’s responsibilities at DV include assessing financial risks, exploring opportunities to enhance revenues and profitability, implementing new financial optimization strategies, and managing cash flow.

Jeffrey Kopiwoda

Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel

Besides serving as DV’s COO and General Counsel, Jeff is charged with executing the firm’s business development and expansion initiatives.

Aaron Graddy

Chief Technology Officer

Aaron oversees all aspects of DV’s technology, including trading systems, information security, physical IT infrastructure, and technology teams.

Shifra Katz

Chief Compliance Officer & Senior Counsel

Leading the compliance and regulatory efforts at DV, Shifra leverages technology and a deep understanding of multiple regulatory frameworks to ensure the organization operates within applicable laws, rules and regulations while pursuing profits and mitigating risks.

Sean Lambert

Partner & Global Head of DV Energy

As a partner at DV Trading, Sean is responsible for overseeing energy trading across oil and refined products, natural gas, and power. Sean founded DV Energy in 2013 and has since been responsible for building and expanding the energy trading business within DV. Sean is a 2005 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Eric Carlino

Principal of DV Securities & Executive Vice President of Fixed Income

Eric has been an integral part of managing the growth of DV Securities and DV Fixed Income. He is involved in all facets of these businesses, from operations to regulatory and counterparty relationships to risk management and trading.

Jessica Bottalla

Director of HR & Recruiting

Jessica is charged with shaping high-performing trading groups, protecting DV’s culture, and coordinating with business executives to drive growth.

Kevin Devlin

Managing Director of Operations

Kevin leads the firm’s operations team, which manages the day-to-day clearing and exchange activities for DV’s various trade groups, including ensuring that processes are in place to prevent trading interruptions.

Ryan Glover

Chief Information Security Officer

Ryan brings a great depth of experience and a multi-faceted risk-based approach to operating security programs in the world of trading. He is responsible for architecting, implementing, and managing all aspects of DV’s security program.

Vincent Chau

Chief Risk Officer

Vincent leads the DV risk team to manage real-time market risk of all asset classes and protect the firm’s capital. His risk management philosophy is to partner with traders to design a risk framework that protects against downside scenarios and optimizes risk-adjusted returns.

What We Value

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Our cutting-edge proprietary trading software, research platform and infrastructure provide our team with fast, reliable and scalable access to the world’s markets for any style of trading strategy.

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Start-up Ethos

Our entrepreneurial culture rewards our teams based on merit while simultaneously nurturing an exciting and collaborative environment.

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Work-life Balance

While our workplace is energetic, fast-paced, and results oriented, it is also accommodating and fun.

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Ownership and senior management are highly approachable and encourage a flat organizational structure.

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We value free thought, openness, mutual respect among colleagues, compliance with our regulators, and good old-fashioned hard work.

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DV is a meritocratic organization that encourages innovative new ideas and rewards performance.

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Our philosophy is to provide an environment that enables our traders and other team members to be successful. This includes proprietary trading tools, direct market access, robust back-office support, and a comfortable work environment.

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DV has the capital, resources and expertise to continue capitalizing on sound risk-adjusted opportunities in markets around the world.

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We are forward-looking and embrace change, which means that we strive to quickly adapt to new situations and let go of past successes and failures.